These optional services are available to residential and commercial customers to supplement the regularly scheduled treatment programs and address any special problems with your lawn or landscape plants. They are priced separately and require customer approval. They include:


CORE AERATION - The mechanical process of removing cores of soil from the lawn. Cores are broken up with subsequent mowing. This helps control thatch build up, reduces soil compaction, enables deeper turfgrass rooting and encourages new growth.

LIME TREATMENT - Helps to neutralize soil acidity to increase nutrient availability and increase fertilizer response in turfgrass.

DISEASE CONTROL - Helps with control and suppression of turfgrass disease symptoms - Depending on disease type / severity, multiple treatments may be required.

LIQUID SOIL AERATION / CONDITIONER - An organic, liquid compound comprised of bio-degradable polymers that work into the soil profile to help increase soil pore space. Designed for severe soil compaction or as an alternative to mechanical aeration. Depending on conditions, multiple treatments may be required.

SLICE-SEED RENOVATION - Designed to seed thin or damaged lawn areas that donít require additional topsoil. Grass seed is deposited into slits cut into soil surface to provide critical seed/soil contact.


SPRING / FALL DORMANT OIL - Specially prepared horticultural oil designed to provide enhanced control of mites and scale insects.

BED WEED CONTROL - Applied in two or three phases, treatments consist of pre and post emergent products to help reduce most grassy type and broadleaf weeds in plant beds. Used in conjunction with mulch, it can effectively reduce the time needed to hand weed.

ANTI-DESSICANT - Helps provide protection for evergreens to reduce the impact of injury caused by windburn and loss of moisture during winter months.

DEER PROTECTION - Applied in late November and December, this treatment helps to deter deer populations from feeding on landscape plants.